The Juicy Luzy Sangria Story
My name is Luz.  My husband and I started making traditional sangria in 2007 for family, friends, and co-workers.  We started experimenting with different flavors of Sangria, and from there, Juicy Luzy Sangria was born.  

We are an Illinois company making Sangria in a variety of different flavors.  We offer four flavors of Sangria: Ruby Red, Sweet Apple, Pear, and Red Mango.  We also have three additional seasonal flavors: Pomegranate; Lemonade; and White Mango.  

In our products, we make the wine ourselves with high quality grapes from different regions in Argentina, Chile, & New Zealand.  We only use natural juices.  We also add rum, brandy, and vodka to give the Sangria a little kick. 

With the help of my family and the wonderful students at the Loyola University Business Law Clinic, we acquired our liquor license in Illinois.  We are selling our Sangria product out of our location in Oak Lawn and in grocery stores and restaurants in the Chicagoland area.